Business and Profit Matters - January 2023

In our first Business and Profit Matters newsletter for 2023 we take a look at Mental Well-Being Tips For Employers and how employers can bring mental well-being and health to the forefront of your organisation’s culture to ensure your staff are at their most productive and supported and what you need to know about the Industrial Relations Reforms, the bill passed in December 2022 and and targets closing the gender pay gap, expanding multi-employer bargaining and bringing in flexible rostering rights .Achieving consistent, sustainable growth is likely to be a fundamental goal for your business, particularly in the new year. While expansion can lead to all sorts of exciting opportunities for your company and new experiences for your employees, it’s important to be prepared for the challenges that could arise on the path to long-term success.

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Business & Profit Matters Summer 2024

In this issue we look at how Succession planning is a critical component of organisational sustainability and growth. It is a deliberate and systematic process that identifies and develops individuals within a company to fill key roles as they become vacant due to retirements, promotions, or unforeseen circumstances. We also investigate the challenges that lay ahead for businesses in the coming year as well as ATO rulings for Employee classifications and how to freshen up your marketing strategy.

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Getting the right business structure in place is one of the most critical business decisions you must make throughout your business lifecycle. However, the wrong business structure can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your business’s life. In this months edition of Business & Profit Matters we take a look at the different business structures and ask "Is it time for a restructure?".

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At the start of a new financial year, businesses often find themselves at their busiest as they handle their obligations that are coming due. While every business has different needs, everyone must ensure they have done the right thing by their employees. In this months edition of Business & Profit Matters we look at your business obligations through the year, common legal issues for small business and changes to flexible work from home arrangements. We also look at some common cyber security threats for your business and how to survive the early years of a new business.

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