Stuart McGilvray

Warren Minnette

Before enlisting your next Accountant, please read my story.

I, like many people entering into a new business, spoke with our Accountant that we had been using for our personal tax returns for a number of years while I was still an “employee”. This guy sat amongst files of work placed all over his office and did our personal tax returns on the day we were due to see him to finalise them. Everything seemed to be going ok with him, until he set up our new business!

When we first started the process there was no advice from him on how we should structure it, in fact when I asked to be made a company instead of a sole trader, the advice given was “you know it’s more expensive to run a company rather than running as a sole trader?” So, after fighting him to set up our company he reluctantly did and sure enough our tax files like the ones we had been to see him about previously in his office just sat there, sat there for 3 years untouched!

With our business now in real trouble we enlisted the services of the flashiest accountant around that we could find who could help rescue us. You know the type, the accountant with an office full of employees all punching out the numbers while you sit in another office sipping on a decaf skinny latte discussing if you can afford to survive. In the end, the 3 years of untouched tax returns didn’t almost kill us – the bill received from these accountants almost did! Lucky for us, we managed to trade out of the mess and found ourselves another accountant just to do our regular returns and “nothing” more.

Then by chance we met Robert Trecarichi, someone who had empathy for us as his clients and a real passion to make sure our business could do better. This came as a surprise to us. He wanted to be involved in our business, but more in educating us on how to better run it. He explained to us things that no one had cared to help us on so we could improve and make more money on our bottom line.

In short, we are very happy and excited to have found Robert. When moving our accounts to his business I didn’t feel like we had just replaced yet again another accountant. We had now found someone wanting to provide us the service that as a small business owner – we deserved! Looking to the future now we believe we are able to grow our business with an accountant that supports our business rather than one that does the numbers just to get paid. So could I recommend your business to RTB Accounting Group? Yes and good luck to you if you don’t call him, best move our business ever made!

Sharron and Andrew Knights:

We have been using Rob as our tax agent for a number of years now. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and has helped us out with problems we were having with the taxation department. He talked us through the process and then got it fixed for us. We are very happy to have found someone who really cares about their clients, is friendly, helpful and a nice person to have in your home.

Aaron Rees & Erin Kidd

It's almost been a year since Rob at RTB Accounting Group helped us set up our business, he has been a wealth of knowledge and a great support every step of the way. He is professional and a really decent friendly bloke, we wouldn't recommend anyone else to friends and family.

Jeremy Miranda

My name is Jeremy Miranda and I am the sole operator of a small tiling business.

I have been using a number of different accountants over the past 30 years.  Some were good, some were pretty average but overall I was not totally satisfied, hence I felt that I needed to find a new accountant.  Someone that would understand my business and would help me achieve a more professional, better outcome and understanding of all tax related issues on a professional and personal basis.

I met Robert Trecarichi through a friend of my wife as she spoke highly of Robert.

I decided to try him 12 months ago.

I can honestly say that Robert has made a great difference to my understanding and approach to all tax related issues and my company is doing better since I used Robert's expertise and knowledge over the last 12 months.

Robert advises me on how to run and what I should do to improve my business and has been nothing but extraordinary.

I am looking forward to working with Robert in future years.