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In Tax Matters for February 2018 we put focus on Property investors and the new deduction rules that may affect them, Due dates for 2016-17 SMSF returns and FBT issues that raise ATO attention

Tax Matters - February 2018 Tax Matters - February 2018 (574 KB)


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In Business Matters for January 2018 we are taking a look at the things you can do in your business to make the most of opportunities in your business to make 2018 your best year ever and calendar dates you need to be aware of and boosting employee engagement.

Business Matters - January 2018 Business Matters - January 2018 (815 KB)


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In the November Edition of Tax Matters we look at the "sharing economy" and what your tax responsibilities and how they vary between services like AirBnB, Uber, Deliveroo and others. We also look at how to avoid scams by being cautious with your personal information and leniency from the ATO with regards to obligations if mental health is an issue.

Tax Matters - November 2017 Tax Matters - November 2017 (627 KB)


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